TV Stations Near Me

Orlando, Florida

We found 34 TV stations broadcasting 132 digital channels near Orlando, Florida, including local CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CW affiliates.

WTMO Telemundo 31 Orlando, FL
CH 31UHF6.6 miles away
  • Telemundo31.1
  • TeleXitos31.3
  • LX TV31.4
WKME Telemundo 31 Kissimmee, FL
CH 15UHF14.8 miles away
  • Telemundo15.1
  • TeleXitos15.2
  • LX TV15.3
CH 24UHF17.9 miles away
  • PBS24.1
  • Create24.2
  • PBS Kids24.3
  • NHK World24.4
  • OCPS Education24.5
WACX SuperChannel WACX-TV Leesburg, FL
CH 55UHF18.3 miles away
  • Independent55.1
  • GEB America55.3
  • SonLife55.4
  • Vida Vision55.5
  • Believer's Voice of Victory Netw55.6
  • Aliento Vision55.7
  • CBN55.8
  • Faith USA55.9
  • QVC255.11
WOTF UniMas Orlando Melbourne, FL
CH 26UHF18.3 miles away
  • UniMas26.1
  • LATV26.2
  • Comet26.3
  • Charge!26.4
  • Court TV26.5
  • Salsa 98.126.6
WHLV  Cocoa, FL
CH 52UHF18.3 miles away
  • TBN52.1
  • TBN Inspire52.2
  • Smile52.3
  • Enlace52.4
  • Positiv52.5
WKCF CW 18 Clermont, FL
CH 18UHF18.3 miles away
  • CW18.1
  • True Crime Network18.2
  • Estrella TV18.3
WTGL Good Life 45 Leesburg, FL
CH 45UHF18.3 miles away
  • Independent45.1
WOFL Fox 35 Orlando, FL
CH 35UHF18.3 miles away
  • FOX35.1
  • Light TV35.2
WRBW Fox 35 Plus Orlando, FL
CH 65UHF18.7 miles away
  • MyNetworkTV65.1
  • Movies!65.2
  • Heroes & Icons65.3
  • Buzzr65.4
WFTV Channel 9 Orlando, FL
CH 9UHF19.8 miles away
  • ABC9.1
  • Laff9.2
  • Ion Mystery9.3
WRDQ Central Florida's TV 27 Orlando, FL
CH 27UHF19.8 miles away
  • Independent27.1
  • Court TV27.2
  • Grit27.4
  • Telemundo31.2
WESH  Daytona Beach, FL
CH 2VHF20.0 miles away
  • NBC2.1
  • MeTV2.2
WKMG News 6 Orlando, FL
CH 6UHF20.0 miles away
  • CBS6.1
  • Dabl6.2
  • Cozi TV6.3
  • Start TV6.4
  • Decades6.5
WEFS Eastern Florida State College Cocoa, FL
CH 68UHF20.0 miles away
  • Independent68.1
  • Classic Arts Showcase68.2
  • NASA Educational Channel68.3
  • The Florida Channel68.4
WDSC Daytona State College New Smyrna Beach, FL
CH 15UHF20.0 miles away
  • Independent15.1
  • The Florida Channel15.2
  • Deutsche Welle15.3
WVEN Univision Orlando Daytona Beach, FL
CH 43UHF26.7 miles away
  • Univision43.1
  • GetTV43.2
  • Bounce TV43.3
  • Ion Mystery43.4
  • Quest43.5
WOPX  Melbourne, FL
CH 56UHF34.4 miles away
  • Ion56.1
  • Qubo56.2
  • Ion Plus56.3
  • Ion Shop56.4
  • QVC56.5
  • HSN56.6
WEDQ  Tampa, FL
CH 3UHF71.9 miles away
  • PBS3.1
WEDU West Central Florida's PBS Station Tampa, FL
CH 3VHF72.0 miles away
  • PBS3.1
  • World3.2
  • The Florida Channel3.3
  • PBS WEDQ3.4
  • PBS Kids3.5
  • Create3.6
WFTT  Tampa, FL
CH 62UHF72.0 miles away
  • NRB TV62.1
  • LATV62.2
  • Comet62.3
  • Charge!62.4
WFTS ABC Action News Tampa, FL
CH 28UHF72.1 miles away
  • ABC28.1
  • Laff28.2
  • Grit28.3
  • Court TV28.4
WFLA NewsChannel 8 Tampa, FL
CH 8VHF72.1 miles away
  • NBC8.1
  • Court TV8.2
  • Ion Mystery8.3
WTTA Great 38 Saint Petersburg, FL
CH 38UHF72.1 miles away
  • MyNetworkTV38.1
  • Cozi TV38.2
WTVT Fox 13 Tampa Bay Tampa, FL
CH 13VHF72.3 miles away
  • FOX13.1
  • Movies!13.2
  • Buzzr13.3
  • Heroes & Icons13.4
  • Decades13.5
WTOG CW 44 Saint Petersburg, FL
CH 44UHF72.9 miles away
  • CW44.1
  • Start TV44.2
  • Light TV44.3
  • Dabl44.4
  • Circle44.5
  • TBD44.6
WMOR MOR Lakeland, FL
CH 32UHF73.1 miles away
  • Independent32.1
  • MeTV32.2
  • Estrella TV32.3
WTSP 10 Tampa Bay Saint Petersburg, FL
CH 10VHF73.1 miles away
  • CBS10.1
  • Antenna TV10.2
  • True Crime Network10.3
  • Quest10.4
WVEA Univision Tampa Bay Venice, FL
CH 50UHF73.1 miles away
  • Univision50.1
  • Bounce TV50.2
  • GetTV50.3
  • Court TV50.4
WCLF CTN West Central Florida Clearwater, FL
CH 22UHF73.1 miles away
  • CTN22.1
  • CTN International22.2
  • CTN Lifestyle22.4
WSVT  Tampa, FL
CH 18UHF73.1 miles away
  • Daystar18.1
WXPX  Bradenton, FL
CH 66UHF73.1 miles away
  • Ion66.1
  • Qubo66.2
  • Ion Plus66.3
  • Ion Shop66.4
  • QVC66.5
  • HSN66.6
WOGX Fox 51 Ocala, FL
CH 51UHF80.7 miles away
  • FOX51.1
  • Movies!51.2
  • Ion51.3
  • Decades51.4
WWSB Your Suncoast News Sarasota, FL
CH 40UHF90.6 miles away
  • ABC40.1
  • Circle40.2
  • HSN40.3
Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL

Population: 4,096,575

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