Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico


TV Stations



We found 25 TV stations broadcasting 68 digital TV channels in the Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, area, including local ABC and FOX affiliates.

WORA ABC Puerto Rico Mayaguez, PR
CH 5UHF11.7 miles awaySignal Level 4
  • ABC5.1
  • Inter Online TV5.2
  • 24h5.3
  • Telecinco5.4
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WIPM  Mayaguez, PR
CH 3UHF12.1 miles awaySignal Level 4
  • PBS3.1
  • PBS Kids3.3
WJWN  San Sebastian, PR
CH 24UHF12.1 miles awaySignal Level 4
  • America TeVe24.1
WQTO Sistema TV Ponce, PR
CH 26UHF26.6 miles awaySignal Level 4
  • PBS26.1
  • PBS Kids26.2
WELU CTNi Puerto Rico Aguadilla, PR
CH 34UHF11.7 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • CTN International34.1
WNJX  Mayaguez, PR
CH 4UHF12.1 miles awaySignal Level 3
  • Independent4.1
  • WAPA Deportes4.2
  • WAPA 34.3
  • Telemundo2.12
  • Punto 22.22
WKPV  Ponce, PR
CH 24UHF26.6 miles awaySignal Level 4
  • America TeVe24.1
WOLE TeleOnce Aguadilla, PR
CH 12VHF12.1 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Independent12.1
  • UniMas12.2
WOST Azteca Puerto Rico Mayaguez, PR
CH 14UHF16.1 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Shop HQ14.1
  • Azteca America14.2
  • Shop LC14.3
  • EEE Network14.4
  • BeIN Sports14.5
WQHA Nueva Vida TV Aguada, PR
CH 25UHF16.3 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Independent25.1
WTPM Paraiso TV Mayaguez, PR
CH 28UHF12.0 miles awaySignal Level 1
  • Independent28.1
  • Hope Channel28.2
  • 3ABN Latino28.3
  • Esperanza TV28.4
  • Paraiso 92.9 FM28.5
WQSJ CTNi Puerto Rico Quebradillas, PR
CH 20UHF15.9 miles awaySignal Level 1
  • CTN International20.1
  • CTN20.2
  • Tiva TV8.1
  • 3ABN44.1
  • Faro de Santidad TV60.1
WSJP Fox Puerto Rico Aguadilla, PR
CH 30UHF22.1 miles awaySignal Level 1
  • FOX30.1
  • Cozi TV30.2
  • Comet30.3
  • This TV30.4
  • LATV30.5
WCCV The Miracle Network Arecibo, PR
CH 54UHF27.8 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Independent54.1
WTIN  Ponce, PR
CH 4UHF38.3 miles awaySignal Level 3
  • Independent4.1
  • WAPA Deportes4.2
  • WAPA 34.3
  • Telemundo2.11
  • Punto 22.21
WSTE  Ponce, PR
CH 7VHF32.9 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Teleisla7.1
  • PBS7.2
WSUR TeleOnce Ponce, PR
CH 9VHF38.3 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Univision9.1
  • UniMas9.2
WIRS  Yauco, PR
CH 17UHF38.3 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • SonLife17.1
  • Mega TV18.1
  • America TeVe42.1
WUSP CTNi Puerto Rico Ponce, PR
CH 25UHF39.6 miles awaySignal Level 1
  • CTN International25.1
  • CTN25.2
  • 3ABN Latino44.1
  • Faro TV60.1
  • Tiva TV8.1
WECN  Naranjito, PR
CH 64UHF59.9 miles awaySignal Level 2
  • Unico TV64.1
  • Tiva TV8.8
WIMN Israel TV Arecibo, PR
CH 36UHF42.3 miles awaySignal Level 1
  • JLTV36.1
WSJN CTNi Puerto Rico San Juan, PR
CH 20UHF66.3 miles awaySignal Level 1
  • CTN International20.1
  • CTN20.2
  • Tiva TV8.1
  • 3ABN Latino44.1
  • Faro TV20.60

TV Stations in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Callsign Channel Network
WJWN 24 America TeVe
WQTO 26 PBS +1
WELU 34 CTN International
WNJX 4 Independent +4
WKPV 24 America TeVe
WOLE 12 Independent +1
WOST 14 Shop HQ +4
WVEO 18 Mega TV
WQHA 25 Independent
W34FK-D 33 Independent
WTPM 28 Independent +4
WQSJ 20 CTN International +4
WSJP 30 FOX +4
WVOZ 18 Mega TV
WCCV 54 Independent
WTIN 4 Independent +4
WSTE 7 Teleisla +1
WSUR 9 Univision +1
WIRS 17 SonLife +2
WUSP 25 CTN International +4
WECN 64 Unico TV +1
WSJN 20 CTN International +4
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