New Hampshire TV Stations

Callsign Network Channel City
WPXG Ion +6 21 Concord
WLEK Azteca America +4 22 Concord
WWJE True Crime Network 50 Derry
WENH PBS +4 11 Durham
WEKW PBS +4 11 Keene
WLED PBS +4 11 Littleton
WMUR ABC +3 9 Manchester
WNEU Telemundo +3 60 Merrimack
WBTS NBC +1 15 Nashua
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VHF & UHF in the Age of Digital TV The advent of digital over-the-air television has greatly improved the way we enjoy our local broadcast TV. Before DTV, picking up a distant analog TV signal usually involved turning your rabbit ears to different angles until the crackling faded away. Nowadays, it’s more cut-and-dry – you either...