Puerto Rico TV Stations

Callsign Network Channel City
WQHA Independent 25 Aguada
WELU CTN International 34 Aguadilla
WSJP FOX +4 30 Aguadilla
WVEO Mega TV 18 Aguadilla
WOLE Univision +2 12 Aguadilla
W34FK-D Independent 33 Arecibo
WIMN JLTV 36 Arecibo
WCCV Independent 54 Arecibo
WDWL Enlace 36 Bayamon
WUJA Independent 58 Caguas
W33EL-D Independent +1 44 Caguas
WLII Univision +2 11 Caguas
WVDO Univision +2 10 Carolina
WRFB ABC +3 5 Carolina
WSJU Independent 32 Ceiba
WORO Independent +2 13 Fajardo
WMTJ PBS +1 40 Fajardo
WRUA Tiva TV +1 8 Fajardo
WIDP Aliento Vision +3 46 Guayama
WXWZ Independent 23 Guayama
WZNA Independent 3 Guaynabo
WVSN Independent 68 Humacao
WNJX Independent +4 4 Mayaguez
WTPM Independent +4 28 Mayaguez
WORA ABC +3 5 Mayaguez
WIPM PBS +1 3 Mayaguez
WOST Shop HQ +5 14 Mayaguez
WECN Unico TV +1 64 Naranjito
WKPV America TeVe 24 Ponce
WQQZ Shop HQ +4 14 Ponce
WSUR Univision +2 9 Ponce
WUSP CTN International +4 20 Ponce
WSTE Teleisla +1 7 Ponce
WQTO PBS +1 26 Ponce
WVOZ Mega TV 18 Ponce
WTIN Independent +4 4 Ponce
WQSJ CTN International +4 20 Quebradillas
WSJN CTN International +4 20 San Juan
WIPR PBS +1 6 San Juan
WWXY Independent +2 25 San Juan
WJPX America TeVe +2 24 San Juan
WTCV Mega TV 18 San Juan
WAPA Independent +2 4 San Juan
WKAQ Telemundo +2 2 San Juan
WJWN America TeVe 24 San Sebastian
WVQS CTN International +4 20 Vieques
WIRS SonLife +2 42 Yauco
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