South Dakota TV Stations

Callsign Network Channel City
KDSD PBS +5 16 Aberdeen
KESD PBS +5 8 Brookings
KPSD PBS +5 13 Eagle Butte
KDLO CBS +3 3 Florence
KTTM TCT +10 7 Huron
KQME MeTV +3 10 Lead
KHSD ABC +3 11 Lead
KQSD PBS +5 11 Lowry
KZSD PBS +5 8 Martin
KDLV NBC +2 5 Mitchell
KTSD PBS +5 10 Pierre
KPRY ABC +4 4 Pierre
KBHE PBS +5 9 Rapid City
KHME MeTV +3 23 Rapid City
KCLO CBS +3 15 Rapid City
KNBN NBC +1 21 Rapid City
KEVN FOX +1 7 Rapid City
KOTA ABC +3 3 Rapid City
KPLO CBS +3 6 Reliance
KSFY ABC +4 13 Sioux Falls
KCSD PBS +5 23 Sioux Falls
KDLT NBC +4 46 Sioux Falls
KWSD YTA TV 36 Sioux Falls
KTTW TCT +10 7 Sioux Falls
KELO CBS +3 11 Sioux Falls
KCPO Independent +2 26 Sioux Falls
KUSD PBS +5 2 Vermillion
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