US Virgin Islands TV Stations

Callsign Network Channel City
WTJX PBS +2 12 Charlotte Amalie
WVGN NBC 19 Charlotte Amalie
WVXF This TV +1 17 Charlotte Amalie
WMNS Independent 22 Charlotte Amalie
WZVI Independent +3 21 Charlotte Amalie
WCVI CBS +1 23 Christiansted
WSVI Ion +4 8 Christiansted
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VHF & UHF in the Age of Digital TV The advent of digital over-the-air television has greatly improved the way we enjoy our local broadcast TV. Before DTV, picking up a distant analog TV signal usually involved turning your rabbit ears to different angles until the crackling faded away. Nowadays, it’s more cut-and-dry – you either...

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FCC: Rescan Your Local Digital TV Channels You've probably seen or heard ads from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently telling you to rescan for digital channels on your TV set. If so, you’ve probably wondered why, in 2020, the FCC has suddenly decided to advertise over-the-air digital television...