Wyoming TV Stations

Callsign Network Channel City
KGWC CBS +1 14 Casper
KCWY NBC +3 13 Casper
KTWO ABC +2 2 Casper
KFNB FOX +1 20 Casper
KPTW PBS +2 6 Casper
KKTQ ABC +1 16 Cheyenne
KLWY FOX +6 27 Cheyenne
KQCK CTN +3 39 Cheyenne
KGWN CBS +2 5 Cheyenne
KGWL CBS +1 5 Lander
KCWC PBS +2 4 Lander
KWYP PBS +2 8 Laramie
KFNR FOX +1 11 Rawlins
KFNE FOX +1 10 Riverton
KGWR CBS +1 13 Rock Springs
KSGW ABC +1 12 Sheridan
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FCC: Rescan Your Local Digital TV Channels You've probably seen or heard ads from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently telling you to rescan for digital channels on your TV set. If so, you’ve probably wondered why, in 2020, the FCC has suddenly decided to advertise over-the-air digital television...

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